LOVE OF QUEEN is a trendy new brand offering gorgeous clothing & accessories. We aim to establish a place where all the fashionista can reach to their fashion ambition.

Sebagai kedai dalam talian di seluruh dunia, kami menyediakan ratusan produk bergaya untuk pencinta fesyen global. Pembeli kami adalah dari Amerika Syarikat, Eropah, Australia dan Asia, berjumlah lebih daripada negara-negara 230.

We take our inspiration from Fashionweek,Sreetsnap,Tumblr,Instagram,Lookbook and all the hottest trendy approaches.,and provide the latest clothing(new arrivals almost everyday) at at a favorable price but still in high quality. Our customers are certain to get the perfect outfits at which they have been seeking for a long time on the social network. In addition, our customer can also enjoy the custom made items if you have a more personal need.

All our pieces are sourced from an ethical, fair-trade factory where we pay our workers fair salaries, give them a safe working .We‘re constantly striving to improve our workers conditions in line with international best practices and percentage of every sale goes back into developing this.

Our customers' need is what we are always striving for. 

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